If you have a stack of poker chips sitting in front of you, there are tricks that you can master to better pass the time. Sometimes, these simple hand tricks can distract players, but in most cases, they only add to your mystique or professional look.

Whether you’re at a casino or playing with friends at a pub, you can use these cool hand tricks to “wow” people around you.

Knuckle Roll

Want to learn how to roll a coin on your knuckles? It’s a lot simpler than most people think. You’ll only need one chip for this trick, and you can even practice with a coin. Let’s get started.

The knuckle roll is something that looks really neat and can be mastered with even a large coin. While it may sound a bit complicated to get started, the hardest part is the positioning. Share Hobbies has a superb video tutorial you can follow:

Chip Twirl

You’ll need three chips in hand for the twirl. Stack all three on top of one another and:

This is one of the poker chip tricks that looks so hard but is really simple when you give it a try. Watch this video to see how to perform the trick yourself:


One of the cool tricks to do is called fanning. You can choose as many poker chips as you like for this trick, but I suggest starting with four or less chips to get started. Once you master this technique, feel free to add additional items into the mix.

You’ll want to see this trick in action to better understand how it works. Once you have a grasp on fanning all of the chips out, you can practice going in reverse to stack up all of the poker chips again.

You can watch a professional pull of this trick here:


One of the best chip tricks is shuffling your chips. You’ll want to start with ten chips and split them into two even piles. Once you’re ready, follow these steps to perform the trick:

Shuffling is an oddly satisfying trick that anyone can do. You’ll need to have some patience to learn this one, but it’s one that’s satisfying. If you’re having difficulty visualizing how to perform any of these poker tricks, you’ll find more than enough videos online.

Here’s a YouTube video that shows this trick really well:

Thumb Flip

An iconic trick that everyone has seen at least once or twice before. The trick uses your thumb to flip the chip. You’ll want to start with a stack of three or four to get started. The next steps are:

You’ll be using your thumb to guide each chip over the pile and to move it to the back of the pile. Once you have a firm understanding of this trick, it’s one that you’ll find yourself doing without even paying attention to it.

Another great video which demonstrates how to perform the thumb flip trick:

Chip Bounce

If you’re not the best at performing the finger tricks that we just discussed, you’ll like the ease of the chip bounce. This is an opportunity to forget about your dexterity and use the bounce of the table.

What you’ll need is a stack of chips to get started and some time to practice.

The next steps are:

While this sounds simple enough, and it’s relatively easy, you will need to put in some practice. Over the course of your time playing poker, you’ll find a lot of people perform this trick because it’s so easy to do.

If you have a table and a few handy chips, that’s all you need to get started.

What about other neat tricks? You’ll find a lot of people using the vanishing chip technique and numerous others. If you want to go more in-depth with your tricks, check YouTube to see tricks from some of the world’s best players and dealers.

A lot of avid gamblers find that playing with their chips becomes somewhat meditative and will help them focus on the game and stay calm. Whether you’re trying to distract others or zone out while waiting for your turn, these neat poker chip tricks can help.

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