Harry Burth

Harry Burth

Digital Marketing Manager, Blog editor
Experience:3 years

Looking for a good job, Harry decided to move to the UK capital from his hometown of Liverpool. Passionate about gambling and with a good understanding of how it works, he worked for a while as a croupier in one of London’s famous casinos. Eager to gain experience in the online gambling segment of the market, Harry continued to browse through job openings regularly. One day a vacancy for a marketing position at CasinoHEX UK caught his eye. Talented, experienced, and eager to grow, he made a solid impression on CasinoHEX UK.

Harry Birth took his first steps with the CasinoHEX UK team as a promotional content developer. With his quick wit and understanding of the world of digital marketing, he wrote gripping articles and posts that resonated with many of our readers. After a while, Hurry got a well-deserved promotion to Project Manager. The role has greatly increased Harry’s responsibilities as a member of the CasinoHEX UK team, which now includes managing various projects, partnerships and collaborations. By taking control of critical initiatives, Hurry has begun to chart the course for the future success of the company.

In addition to his role as project manager, Harry Birth also excelled as the editor of the CasinoHEX blog. With a thorough understanding of how the iGaming industry works, he has gone above and beyond to share his thoughts on the near future as well as tips on making online gambling safer and more successful. Head over to our blog to check out Hurry’s latest publications.

Key Competencies

  • A wealth of knowledge and experience
  • Having worked in the gambling industry for many years, Harry has valuable knowledge covering various aspects including iGaming platforms, casino games, sports betting, online poker, as well as new trends in the industry. In addition, his work as a croupier has given him valuable experience that has helped him achieve some of the most notable milestones in his job.

  • Project management and leadership skills
  • Harry’s rise to project manager at CasinoHEX UK so quickly wasn’t a fluke, but a testament to his strong leadership skills and ability to effectively manage projects. His ability to inspire subordinates, set goals, manage resources and ensure completion on time and to a high standard is a natural fit with his new role.

  • A passion to learn and grow
  • Thanks to his thirst for knowledge as well as his ability to analyse and absorb new information, Harry possesses an outstanding knack for getting the job done and ensuring his rapid personal growth. Keeping abreast of trends in a rapidly expanding industry, he has been successful in finding new opportunities to expand his skills and enhance his expertise.

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