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Landlines are an old method of communication, but a somewhat newer method of payment. Did you know that you can use your BT Landline to make online casino deposits? It might seem odd, because of all the new payment technology that has been introduced in previous decades. However, landline billing casino sites take care of their older players, who are more used to this traditional method of depositing in a casino.

In this article, you can find out how. We will go through the process of depositing in a BT landline deposit casino step by step. On this page, you can find a list of all pay by landline casinos. Read further to find out more about the benefits and drawbacks of using BT Landline as a casino deposit method. Finally, we will present some alternatives to paying via BT Landline, which work in a similar way and have the same benefits.

List of Best BT Landline Deposit Casino Sites [2019]

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2 Kozmo Casino 370+
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Small Facts & Depositing Process in BT Landline Casino

Number of Casinos10
Maximum Bonus£200
Minimum Deposit£10
Deposit AlternativesSMS, Phone Bill, E-Wallets, Credit Cards
UK Landline ProvidersBT, TalkTalk, Virgin Media
Available Since2010
  1. Pick your favourite landline billing. In the list above, you can see all casinos that accept BT Landline as a deposit method. There aren't that many of them, but the ones that do support landline payments have a wide variety of other withdrawal and deposit methods as well. They all have different perks such as bonuses and different games or jackpots, so take a look at some of these features before choosing the right casino for you. You can even find sites where you can make a mobile casino deposit by landline. They offer welcome bonuses for players who sign up and deposit in their casino using this method. You can also find slot games on our website and find one you like for free and then play in a landline casino which offers this game.
  2. Sign up there, Visit Payment Section and Choose “BT Landline” or “By Phone” Deposit Method. Visit the casino landline billing website or click the sign-up button from the list above. The registration process is fairly simple and it will only take a minute or two to get your account ready to play. After you have created your casino account, you will probably be prompted to verify your email address. After you do that, you can now deposit casino cash and play! In order to deposit, go to the Payment section of the BT Landline casino online and choose your deposit method.
  3. Enter the amount of money you want to deposit and your phone number to verify the payment. If you choose to make a casino deposit via landline, you will have two things to fill out: first, the amount you want to deposit to your casino account and your BT Landline phone number. Your phone number is used to verify the payment, so it’s similar to SMS deposit casino, but you will get a call to your landline instead of a text to your mobile phone. Don’t worry, you won’t have to enter any other personal or financial details. Through online casino BT landline, you can play casino games without providing your credit card number.
  4. Listen to the bot/operator and verify the deposit. After you have entered your deposit amount and BT landline number, you will receive an automatic call which requires you to verify your deposit. Listen to the operator and follow the instructions to verify your payment. While the payment is processing, stay on the line so that there aren’t any mistakes of accidentally hanging up before the finalization and not verifying your gambling deposit.
  5. After the transaction is completed, have fun! When you verify the transfer of funds using BT landline, you’ll have this money available for play instantly! You can use this casino deposit to play games such as slots, cards, table games and live dealer games in a landline bill casino online. If you are a new player in a BT Landline online casino, you will be able to play casino games with a welcome bonus (bonus spins or deposit match).

Benefits of Casino Deposit by Landline

  • Instant Transaction. After you deposit in a pay by landline casino, you will have your funds available to play immediately! The only time it takes between your deposit click and the credited amount is the time it takes to answer your phone and verify that the deposit was yours. That way, you can enjoy playing casino games for real money with just one phone call. The transaction is also convenient because it gets billed to your landline, so you will have to pay it later, but you can play instantly. This is one of the rare payment methods where you can have casino cash credited to your account right away, but the amount being charged later.
  • No personal details needed. Most other payment methods require a certain amount of personal details, be it just account email and password on e-Wallets or credit card number, address, city, and other personal info. Playing at BT Landline casinos is convenient because you don’t need to provide any of these details upon depositing. All you have to do is enter your landline phone number and verify your deposit. However, since there is no option of withdrawing money using BT landline, at one point you will have to enter your personal details if you wish to withdraw your winnings.
  • Ideal way to limit your gambling budget. A deposit using BT Landline online casino is a great way to manage your gambling budget and make sure that you don’t go over the line. When you deposit in landline deposit casinos, you have a limit of 30 GBP per day, which means you will have to stop gambling if you spend 30 GBP, which is a pretty decent daily amount for casino games. So, you don’t have to keep track of your winnings or losses: if you deposit in such casino websites using your phone, you will always know that you have gambled a maximum of 30 GBP per day.

Drawbacks of Casino Deposit by Landline

  • 30 GBP per day only. The previous point that we have mentioned can be viewed as a benefit in terms of responsible gambling, but can also be a great nuisance if you bet larger amounts or deposit more often. This is why BT Landline casino sites are not recommended for people who usually bet a lot, because you will only be able to deposit 30 GBP daily. This applies to several separate deposits of smaller amounts as well: as long as it reaches 30 GBP, you will not be allowed to make BT landline casino deposits that day anymore. This limit has been determined by BT and applies to all premium phone and mobile services (Premium SMS and voice call) and not just BT landline casino deposits.
  • Lack of casino sites accepting BT Landline Deposits. There are very few sites that offer pay by BT Landline casino deposits. Since it's a not-so-modern deposit method, even gambling websites that used to offer it to their players have excluded BT Landline from its deposit and withdrawal methods offer. Also, given that the number of landline phones is decreasing, it is expected that the use of this method will decrease as well. This is the reason why online casinos don't have BT Landline casino deposit method listed. However, you can often find BT landline casino deposit as a method in online casinos that support SMS billing or mobile phone bill deposits as well.
  • No withdrawal opportunities. You can deposit casino money using your landline, but there is no way to withdraw winnings through your phone, right? This is why, even when you use the landline for casino deposits, you will have to go with another method of withdrawing money. This negates some of the benefits of BT landline casinos: you will have to wait for the payment to get processed, you will eventually have to enter your personal info and your credit card or bank account details, and managing your budget will not be as easy if you switch between BT landline and other casino deposit and withdrawal methods.

Alternatives to BT Landline Deposit Methods

  1. Mobile phone bill casinos. Similar to BT landline casino sites, you can also find pay by phone casino where you can pay using your mobile phone bill. The mobile phone deposit can be carried out via SMS. You enter the amount you wish to deposit and then you get a verification code via SMS. This confirms that you are in possession (i.e. the owner) of the particular mobile phone number and the funds get transferred from your mobile phone prepaid account or bill to your casino account. If you have a prepaid mobile phone, the amount will be deducted from your total available credit. If you’re on a mobile phone plan, the amount will be stated on your next mobile phone bill. So, you can play casino games online using the money on your mobile phone!
  2. Prepaid cards (Paysafecard, Neosurf). Payment methods such as Paysafecard and Neosurf offer you the option to deposit in casinos using a pre-purchased prepaid card which you top up online. You get a PIN code to verify the transaction. After entering the amount you want to deposit and entering the PIN code, the transaction will be verified and you will be able to play using the funds on your card. However, deposit limits are often lower with these payment methods than with other. This is also a great way to limit and manage your gambling budget because you’re only able to deposit the amount that you previously set aside for casino deposits.
  3. E-wallets or just simple debit/credit cards. Nowadays, the best and the most advanced payment options when depositing in an online casino are e-wallets (PayPal, Skrill, Neteller) or credit and debit cards. There are multiple benefits to using these payment methods. Firstly, the deposit is instant and usually, there are no commission fees. You can use them for both deposits and withdrawals. Also, they are available in most online casinos in the world (especially Skrill). Finally, you can enjoy fast withdrawal times and high deposit and withdrawal limits when you transfer casino cash using e-wallets or cards.

UK Casino Deposit by Landline FAQ

Are BT Landline casinos safe?
A high level of safety is one of the main benefits of using BT Landline casino deposits. The only identification of the player is the landline phone number, so there is no need to put in personal info, credit card details or financial details anywhere. Online casinos accepting landline deposits in the UK are usually some of the older online casinos in the UK, which shows that they have a proven record of being legit, safe, and popular.
Are there any commission fees?
There may be some commission fees from BT’s side, so you can expect to receive a slightly smaller amount in your landline casino deposit account than you have deposited. However, this is not a commission from the casino, but the phone company itself. It’s a small commission fee, so you don’t have to expect an exorbitant percentage to be taken off your deposit amount. There are also some casinos that accept BT landline and don’t have a commission fee associated with these deposits.
What are BT Landline deposit limits?
If you deposit in casinos that accept BT Landline, you will be able to transfer only 30 GBP per day maximum. This is a great way to manage your budget, but can also be a drag if you want to play more or if you’re a high roller to start with.
With other payment methods, you can usually raise your deposit limit by contacting the casino. However, since the deposit limit for BT landline casino sites is government-regulated, and not determined by the casino, this deposit limit is fixed and can’t be changed.