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Google Pay (G Pay) is a new payment method which was released by Google in early 2018. Before that, it has been known as Android Pay, which was released in 2015. Google Pay enables Android users to make payments and deposits using tap-to-pay technology on various sites across the Web.

Due to its convenience and a high degree of security, G Pay has been gaining in popularity in the gambling world. UK casino players in particular love using this deposit method and are increasingly looking for Google Pay online casino sites.

In this article, you can find a list of new and best Google Pay casinos. You can check it out if you want to stay in the loop about new casino brands that are introducing Google Pay as a deposit method. You can also read about the benefits of depositing via Google Pay and a tutorial on how to make a deposit with Google Pay in an online casino.

List of Best Google Pay Online Casino Sites [2019]

How to Make a Deposit in Google Pay Casino?

  1. Choose an online casino that accepts Google Pay casino deposits. Even though Google Pay is a new payment method, it's a very trusted and popular payment brand since it was released by Google. Some online casinos for real money have also recognized the importance of Google Pay and are introducing it into their offer of deposit and withdrawal methods more and more. If you can't decide which Google Pay casino to play in, take a look at the list above, where we pointed out Google Pay online casino sites with high ratings and best reviews.
  2. Sign Up & Go to Payment Section. If you are a new player in a Google Pay online casino, you should first sign up. To finish this process, you'll need to provide some basic contact info. After that, find a Payment section (sometimes called Cashier). In Google Pay online casinos, the Payment section is usually located near your account icon, in the corners of the casino site. When you enter the Payment section, you will be offered different deposit methods. The payment methods differ from one online casino to another.
  3. Choose Google Pay payment & enter the amount you wish to deposit. Most online casinos will have an option of depositing via credit cards, bank transfer or eWallets. If you chose from the list of online casinos accepting Google Pay, you will also find Google Pay as a deposit option to play casino games for real money. Choose Google Pay and enter the amount you want to play with. Google Pay casino sites have a minimum deposit threshold. So, to play casino games, the minimum deposit amount is usually £10. This is the standard minimum deposit in Google Pay online casinos, although some websites will have low minimum deposit (£5 or even less) and some will require a higher deposit (£20).
  4. Choose one of your connected cards. Google Pay functions in a way that you connect your credit or debit cards to your G Pay account and then you use Google's payment platform to make quick and easy 1-tap payments. The same goes when playing in an online casino Google Pay. You have to choose one of the cards which you have previously connected to your account. If you want to connect a new card, you can do that on your Google Pay dashboard. For instructions how to add a card to Google Pay, you can read the FAQs below. After you choose, the amount you chose for deposit will be deducted from the card you have chosen.
  5. Play games after the instant funding! The best part about Google Pay casino sites is that the deposit process is so simple and quick that you will be able to play casino games instantly after depositing! There is no pending time or processing time, so you will have access to your Google Pay casino funds seconds after making the tap.

Pros of Google Pay Online Casino Payments

  • No personal and financial details sharing. If you are concerned about sharing your financial details on Google Pay online casinos, Google made sure that your payments are handled with complete security. The way they do it is that Google Pay acts as an intermediary between your cards or bank accounts and the Google Pay online casino that you are depositing to. This way, no personal and financial details are shared with the website. The Google Pay online casino sites will only be given your G Pay account details, while your personal and financial details will remain unshared.
  • No fees. This is one of the major benefits of Google Play online casino sites. Usually, when you deposit in an online casino, there can be fees associated to using specific payment methods. For example, bank transfers usually come with a high processing fee because the process of the payment transfer is more complicated and expensive than paying via credit cards directly or eWallets. There are no fees when you deposit in an online casino Google Pay! The amount you wish to deposit is the same amount that will be credited to your casino account, so you'll end up having more cash to play with, instead of paying unnecessary fees.
  • Instant deposits. The goal of Google Pay was to develop a payment platform so fast that deposits can be made in just one click, faster than ever. So, when you deposit in a Google Play online casino, you will instantly have access to the cash you deposited. The process of depositing at casinos that accept Google Pay is very simple and straightforward as well. You can make your deposit much more quickly than with other casino deposit methods.
  • Compatible with major debit, credit cards and even bank account (UK only). We already stated that Google Pay casinos are very popular among British players, and there's a good reason for it. If you are a player from the UK, Google Pay will be compatible with the majority of your credit/debit cards or bank accounts. You can even connect several different cards to your G Pay account and use the one you would prefer when depositing in casinos accepting Google Pay. This way, you can easily manage deposits and withdrawals to and from different cards and have a clear insight on your funds and account details all on the same payment platform.
  • Available for Apple & Android devices. Although Google Pay deposit was primarily targeted to users of Android casino, it is now a successful payment app which you can download from iTunes or from Google Play Store. It works both on Android devices and Apple devices. Given that you can easily access a clear and responsive app on your phone, it's even easier to play mobile casino games when you're on the go! You can use your mobile phone to both deposit and play on G Pay casino sites.

Cons of Google Pay Online Casino Payments

  • No withdrawal opportunities. Casinos that accept Google Pay accept it as a deposit method, not a withdrawal method. Why? Well, Google Pay only works for payments! They haven't integrated a two-way system of receiving payments (yet). So, you can use your connected cards to deposit in a Google Pay online casino site, but not to cashout. How to withdraw if you deposited with G Pay? Every Google Pay casino site will have a list of available withdrawal methods that you can use to cash out your winnings. You can always use one of your credit or debit cards that are connected to your Google Pay account.
  • Lack of casino sites accepting Google Pay. Google pay is still young, and although it's rapidly growing in popularity in the online casino industry, some of the major casino brands still haven't introduced it as a payment method. There is still a relatively small number of online casinos accepting Google Pay. We can expect this to change over the course of the next few years, because Google Pay will be expanding their integration network, and more online casinos will recognize the benefits of accepting Google Pay.
  • Alternatives to G Pay Deposit Method

    • Apple Pay. Apple Pay is the iOS version of G Pay. There is a Google Pay app for Apple devices as well, but Apple Pay still trumps it in terms of number of users. Apple Pay casino works the same way as G Pay. You connect one or more of your cards or bank accounts and use it to make fast payment online. You can also use it to deposit in an online casino. If you have an Apple device, you can use both Google Pay and Apple Pay. However, if you play mobile casino on Android, you can use Google Pay, but not Apple Pay.
    • Phone Bill. Some pay by mobile casino sites have introduced using your phone's funds as a casino deposit method. The way you can deposit via phone bill in an online casino is that you go to the Payment section, choose the option „pay via phone“, enter the amount you want to deposit and your mobile phone number. After that, you will receive a code via SMS. When you confirm it on the online casino, you'll have your funds waiting for you in your account. The funds will be deducted from your phone funds if you're on a prepaid phone, or stated on your next phone bill if you're on a phone plan.
    • Mobile E-Wallets. The biggest eWallets such as Skrill and PayPal have developed great mobile apps and convenient website that you can use to deposit in an online casino. They are very popular because they're easy to use and there are usually little or no fees associated with depositing via PayPal casino or Skrill casino. They are similar to Google Pay in the way that the deposit process is very simple and straightforward and the funds are available to you instantly.
    • G Pay Casino FAQ

      Are Google Pay casinos safe?
      G Pay is one of the safest payment methods online. The deposit you make is protected with multiple layers and security filters. There's also the brand authority – Google is one of the best and largest companies in the world and it's no wonder that they are able to offer a maximum degree of security.

      The safety of using Google Pay online casinos is one of the main reasons we can expect an increase of them. This has also been recognized by customers and online gamers worldwide.

      Are there any commission fees?
      When you deposit in Google Pay online casino sites, there are no fees on top of your deposit, so the amount that will be deducted from your account is the same amount you'll play with. This is a big benefit of Google Pay because many payment methods have deposit fees in online casinos, which usually range from 1 to 2%. G Pay is also a free app and registering at Google Pay is free of charge.
      What are G Pay deposit limits?
      Deposit limits in Google Pay casinos usually vary from one casino to another. As a platform itself has a $10,000 deposit limit in a week, which is almost £8000. Of course, casinos can put a lower deposit limit, but if you want to increase it, you can do that by contacting the customer support of the G Pay casino.
      How to add credit/debit card to Google Pay?
      Adding a card to your G Pay account is very easy. When you visit the home page of Google Pay (Payments center), click on „Payment Methods“. There, you will see the cards that you have connected to your G Pay account. You will also see a button „+Add payment method“. In the next step, you will have to enter your card number, the expiration date, CVC number, and your personal info. When you finish and click on „Save“, this card will be added to your G Pay accounts and you can begin using it to make deposit in Google Pay casinos.