If you’re new to the world of online casinos, you’ll be glad to know that there are structures in place to encourage responsible gambling and protect you from any wrongdoing. On this page, we’ll be looking at Gamstop, a company that allows players to automatically restrict their online gambling activities, plus we’ll be going over some casinos not registered with Gamstop.

That’s not all though, as we’ll also be taking a close look at non UK casino sites, going over the reasons why UK players should never choose to play at a site not regulated by the Gambling Commission. What’s more, we’ll provide you with a list of non UK licenced casinos, with a warning that they should be avoided.


  1. Blacklisted casinos
  2. Non-Gamstop and non-UK casinos explained
  3. Why are non-UK casinos not recommended?
  4. How does Gamstop self-exclusion work?
  5. Pros & cons of non-UK gambling
  6. Non-Gamstop casino safety check
  7. FAQ

Blacklisted Casinos (Not Recommended for UK Players or Those on GamStop)

Sorry guys, we follow responsible gambling terms so it's better to cool off and when your self-exclusion period is over, check our list of UKGC casinos.

Explained: Non-Gamstop and Non-UK Casinos

Before looking at what non Gamstop casinos are, it’s important to get a little background on the company. They provide a service whereby you can provide a few personal details, which will see you being excluded from gambling with all online gambling companies licenced in Great Britain. You can choose whether to self-exclude for 6 months, 1 year or 5 years. Once you’ve started, there is no way to cancel Gamstop.

Now you know what Gamstop is, it’s pretty easy to work out what non Gamstop casino sites are – they’re sites that are not registered with Gamstop, therefore meaning those who have excluded themselves via Gamstop can still play at them. All casinos not on Gamstop are based outside the UK, meaning that they also aren’t regulated properly and therefore might not have the levels of protection and transparency of casinos regulated in the UK.

Below, you can find a list of non UK casino sites that don’t use Gamstop. Please avoid playing at these sites if you’re from the UK.

Why Are Non-UK Casinos Not Recommended?

There are a few reasons why we don’t recommend non UK casinos, however the biggest is the fact that they won’t be part of the Gamstop initiative. The result? Those suffering from gambling addiction or other compulsive gambling issues will not be able to easily restrict themselves from playing, unless the casino in question has its own self-exclusion option.

With an estimated 340,000 people suffering from gambling addiction in the UK, the fact that unregulated sites aren’t part of the Gamstop scheme is clearly a big deal. There’s a reason some unscrupulous casinos don’t support the initiative – over £14 billion is spent every year on gambling in the UK, and they want a slice of the pie.

You might be thinking that this isn’t an issue for you, as you don’t have a gambling problem. The thing is, nobody thinks they have a gambling problem until, one day, they do. It’s important to have the insurance of the Gamstop initiative, just in case there are issues further down the line.

As already mentioned, non UK casino sites are also not licenced by the Gambling Commission, and this can lead to lots of hassle and stress. This is because you won’t have anyone to turn to if you have a dispute with a non-UK casino, so you’re putting yourself at risk. However, those playing at casinos regulated by the Gambling Commission have a government agency to contact if they ever feel they’ve been treated unfairly.

How Does Gamstop Self-Exclusion Work?

If you feel like you need to use Gamstop, you’ll first need to head over to their website. You’ll then need to click on the “Register” button. After this, you’ll need to provide a few details, including your date of birth, postcode and email address. You can then submit the form and you will be excluded from playing at all UK gambling sites within 24 hours.

Once your period of self-exclusion has finished, you will need to contact Gamstop to remove you from the database. If you don’t contact them, you will remain excluded from gambling websites indefinitely. There is no way to take yourself off the list mid-way through your exclusion, as this would make it too easy for compulsive gamblers to begin gambling once again.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Non UK Gambling and Non Gamstop Sites

If you’re not someone with a gambling problem, what are the advantages and disadvantages to playing at non UK licenced casinos not registered with Gamstop? We’ve listed them all below – please remember that we still don’t recommend playing at non UK gambling sites not on Gamstop though, despite the few advantages.

Many sites outside the remit of the Gambling Commission have games not found at online casinos regulated in the United Kingdom
There can often be interesting bonuses you’ve not seen before at casinos outside of the UK
Sites not registered with Gamstop might still have their own self-exclusion scheme for problem gamblers to use
Casinos not on Gamstop often don’t provide any protection for those with gambling problems
Non UK licenced casinos aren’t always trustworthy, as there’s often no third-party organisation ensuring games are fair and money is safe
If you have a problem at an unlicenced casino and they don’t resolve it to your liking, there is no official organisation for you to turn to
There’s no guarantee that your funds will be properly looked after
Withdrawals can sometimes take an exceptionally long time, and some casinos might simply refuse to pay you your money

As you can see, the disadvantages of playing at a non UK casino really do outweigh the advantages. Therefore, you should stick to playing at one of the legit gambling sites recommended to you by our team of experts.

How to Check for a Gambling Commission Licence and Gamstop Affiliation

All legal casinos in the UK must be regulated by the Gambling Commission and checking to see whether this is the case is really easy. Legit gambling sites will display the Gambling Commission logo, usually in the footer at the bottom of every page. Don’t just trust this though – instead, click the logo and see if you’re taken to the Gambling Commission website, where you can see details of the site’s licence.

It’s even easier to check to see if a site uses Gamstop. This is because it’s a requirement for all gambling sites registered with the Gambling Commission to be part of the Gamstop scheme. Therefore, if the site has a Gambling Commission licence, you can be sure it is also affiliated with Gamstop.


What is UKGC?
The UKGC (UK Gambling Commission) is the authority of the United Kingdom governing the issuing of licenses for gaming. When a casino, both land-based and online, has a UKGC license, it has the ability to offer its services to British players. On the other hand, if a casino doesn’t have a UKGC license, it cannot operate legally in the UK.
What is Gamstop?
Gamstop is UK’s national self-exclusion of gambling scheme. It’s intended to stop players from gambling addiction, and many casino sites have already included it in their operation. With Gamstop, you can choose to be restricted from any gambling sites you’re signed into in order to take control of a gambling problem.
What is MGA?
MGA is short for Malta Gaming Authority. Due to the legislation of this country, many online casinos get a license in Malta so they can offer their services to players worldwide. Many British casinos have both an MGA and UKGC licenses, but it’s not legal to play in casinos that have only a MGA license.
What is Curacao eGaming?
Curacao eGaming license is an authority providing its license to online casinos so they can operate and offer their services to players worldwide. It’s an off-shore licensing agency, and a Curacao eGaming license is not enough for a casino to be legal in the UK.
What gambling sites are not on Gamstop?
All sites not covered by Gamstop are located outside of the UK and are therefore not regulated by the Gambling Commission. These include Golden Axe, Agent Spins and Lady Aida. You can see a larger list of non UK casino sites further up this page.
How to cancel Gamstop?
Once you have signed up with Gamstop, there is no way to cancel it, until the predetermined exclusion period is over. This is to stop those with gambling problems relapsing and heading back to online gambling websites. Once the exclusion period is over, you’ll need to contact Gamstop for them to remove you from the scheme.
Can I sign a friend or family member up with Gamstop?
No, you can’t, as it’s only possible to sign yourself up for the scheme. If you are concerned about a friend or family member having a gambling addiction, you should contact a charity like Gamblers Anonymous for advice, or alternatively speak to your GP.
Are there any reputable non UK casinos?
It would be unfair to say that all non UK casinos are disreputable. In fact, the majority of them are honest, fair and safe to use. It’s just that there’s always the risk, however small, of playing at an unfair or unsafe casino – a risk you don’t need to take when you play at casinos registered in the UK.

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