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An increase in the popularity of mobile casino games has also led to an increase in the number of payment methods for depositing funds to online casinos. Payforit is one of these deposit methods used by UK online casinos. This method, similar to other mobile payment methods such as Boku, allows users a simple and secure method of depositing to mobile casino Payforit simply using your registered UK mobile number.

This avoids many complications present with other methods of deposit, such as account creation, app downloading or even the necessity of holding a bank account. By simply choosing Payforit as a deposit method you can add up to £30 by simply collecting a verification code uniquely sent to you via SMS and confirming either the addition of your deposit amount to your mobile contract fees or the withdrawal of your deposit amount from your pay as you go credit.

Continue below to find out why Payforit casino deposit may be the right payment method for you, and to find out about the benefits and drawbacks associated with it when adding funds to casinos using Payforit depositing.

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An Overview of Mobile Casino Payforit Depositing

Payforit removes the complexity of depositing to online mobile casinos by eliminating the need for the download of an ios/android app or even creating another account with a service you have to remember another password for.

Simply, you use your mobile network to make deposits to online Payforit casinos. Mobile casinos Payforit are widely utilised across the mobile gaming area as all that is required to make a deposit is a registered UK mobile handset with any major or minor UK mobile network, whether it is under a monthly contract or even if you mobile is pay as you go.

This includes providers ranging from 3 and Vodafone to Tesco mobile or EE. Due to the fact that payments are linked directly to your mobile phone, it is extremely simple to deposit on your device and the vast majority of mobile casinos that accept Payforit as a payment method do it at no extra charge to any other deposit method and without any nasty commission fees.

However, like other online casino mobile payment, such as Boku, online casinos using Payforit depositing are limited to a maximum of £30 deposits through the UK mobile networks and it is usually recommended for the more casual players rather than those who wish to gamble with higher stakes than allowed by Payforit. To deposit, charges are either added to your monthly contract equal to your deposit or taken away from your remaining mobile credit if you are a pay as you go mobile customer.


Payforit is a widely recommended method of depositing to casino sites as a payment form. This is due to multiple key features of the service, such as:

  • Its Simplicity – Because of utilising a billing process through your mobile phone network, you never need to worry about entering credit card details, bank accounts information or e-wallet logins. You simply have to authorize the payments via SMS and you are done. This is easy for those with mobile phone contracts, or those with pay-as-you-go plans, and thankfully the process is the same across all mobile networks and disregarding whether you are using a flip phone or a high tech smartphone.
    Simply, if you pay for your mobile via contract, the charges are added to your monthly phone bill to be paid alongside your contract. On the other hand, If you are a pay-as-you-go customer, credit will be deducted from your account upon completion of payment to the online Payforit casino UK;
  • Its Security and privacy when handling personal details – All casino deposits are initiated and confirmed by your mobile, and no matter how many times you use Payforit you will always be required to verify your deposit by SMS. As a result, your deposits are extremely secure due to the fact you have complete control over them (as long as you have control of your mobile device).
    This eliminates the risk of any of your personal banking details being lost during potential breaches of casinos security – due to the fact you aren’t actually providing bank details to them. As a result, your deposits remain private to you and inaccessible to any illegal activity.
    Furthermore, ​Payforit is a highly regulated service, by major professional regulatory bodies such as PhonepayPlus or Ofcom, and as a result, your deposits are both highly efficient and fully protected under the law as long as you adhere to Payforit guidelines. Also, all of your payment will read discreetly on your mobile payments as phone calls, ensuring your personal privacy;
  • It helps to ensure that you don't gamble too much money on casino sites – ​Deposit limits of £30 on mobile payments to Payforit casinos mean that you can usually only deposit what you can afford to gamble with, and this undoubtedly is a great safety net for those who are caught out ‘impulse betting’ more than they are comfortable staking in the first place.
    This limit allows players to pace themselves when playing on online Payforit casinos to ensure they gamble with controlled amounts that are not usually highly impactful if they were to lose.


  • It can cause confusion when paying for your mobile – ​Whilst the payment method is identical whether you hold a mobile contract or if you are a pay as you go customer, it is important to remember if you are a pay as you go customer, you can only deposit amounts up to your remaining mobile balance.
    Likewise, if you pay for your mobile via contract, your end of month contract payments will vary depending on how much you deposit. This can, for example, interfere with paying for your mobile if you usually pay via a consistent direct debit, as your bill will likely change month to month. In addition, whilst the payments showing as phone calls may be good for discretion, they can sometimes be confusing to identify when large call payments appear on your bill;
  • The deposit limits mean that only casual players benefit from the service – ​Although a deposit limit can be invaluable in the fact it can control how much a user spends in the online Payforit casinos, the deposit limit is also one of the most visible drawback features of Payforit.
    Deposits made via mobile bills are limited to £30 on all UK networks, and as such, many high roller online casino users are recommended to use a different method of depositing (see our list of best online casinos in this case). However, if you plan on only depositing small amounts to the online Payforit casinos then this drawback if of very little importance;
  • You cannot withdraw winnings via Payforit – ​Due to the deposit method undertaken when you use Payforit, you are unable to retrieve your winnings through the service. Seeing as deposits are made with payments from your mobile bill, Payforit has no way to repay your winnings with the same method by adding credit to your mobile, and realistically most users would not even want their winnings to be received potentially in thousands of pounds of mobile credit.
    Therefore, in order to collect your winnings from the Payforit mobile casinos, you must have a secondary payment method available as a withdrawal method. Most commonly, players use either an e-wallet service such as PayPal, or a direct bank transfer from the Payforit casino to their accounts.
  • Not all mobile casino sites accept Payforit – ​Even though Payforit is a very popular method of depositing to online mobile casinos, it is not accepted by all websites, and a minority of the sites that do accept it even charge small commission fees for the use of the service.
    This can lead to some players either being forced to change their choice of an online casino if they wish to deposit with Payforit or even swallow some nasty commission fees. As such, it is recommended you check our list of commission-free Payforit casinos above to find a Payforit casino that best suits you.

How to Deposit in Payforit Mobile Casinos

Depositing with mobile casino Payforit is very simple. Here is a short step by step guide to demonstrate how to use the service in any chosen mobile Payforit casino UK:

  1. Choose your casino – If you choose to deposit with Payforit, you must first find a casino that accepts it as an eligible payment method. Our suggestion list above includes many great choices of Payforit casinos to choose from;
  2. Select your deposit method and amount – Once you have chosen which online casino Payforit to play on, you should select “Pay by mobile” as your payment method (This may also show us as “Pay by SMS” or “Pay via Payforit” depending on your choice of site.
    Once you have done this, choose how much you wish to deposit (remembering that the maximum deposit per transaction will be somewhere between £10-£30 depending on the site). Once you have chosen your stakes, accept the payment and wait for your confirmation message. At this point, a field requiring a six-digit code will appear on your screen;
  3. Retrieve your six digit verification code – Payforit should send a text to your mobile number once you have accepted payment to your chosen mobile Payforit casino. Retrieve your six digit verification code that has been sent to you and enter it on your mobile casino Payforit page.
    This lets your mobile provider ensure that it is indeed you making the payment rather than someone else attempting to gain fraudulent deposits using other peoples mobile numbers with malicious intent;
  4. Complete payment and play – Assuming there have been no issues in the process so far, you should now have the deposited amount in your account on the online Payforit casino UK, to be used on your choice of slot or game. To ensure you get your money's worth out of your deposit, try to deposit to one of the sites above that give deposit bonuses when you pay with Payforit.

Mobile Casinos Using Payforit Depositing

  • Mr Mobi
  • Mr Slot
  • Sin Spins

Payforit Casino UK FAQs

Is it Safe to Deposit Money via Payforit?
Payforit is a completely safe method of depositing money into online casinos, purchasing online micro goods, or getting access to premium content on popular websites. As long as you deposit to a legitimate online Payforit casino, such as any of those listed above, it is completely without risk. Payforit relies on various mobile networks (that are highly regulated) to make payments, and as such through development, the programme has become completely risk-free to use. You can read more about this payment method at official website –
Can I withdraw winnings via Payforit Casino UK?
Unfortunately, Pay for it casino is unable to provide withdrawal services to customers who win because mobile depositing is only a one-way transaction method. Unlike when depositing via an e-wallet or credit card, Pay for it doesn't rely on an account for money to enter/exit when trading with an online Payforit mobile casino, but rather mobile credit/mobile bill charges.
As a result, there is no way for Payforit to ‘reimburse’ mobile credit or ‘take money’ off your phone bill. However, all Payforit online casinos include other methods for winnings to be withdrawn, such as bank transfers or e-wallet services.
Are there any Commission Fees?
The Payforit service itself is completely free across all major and minor UK mobile networks which allow for the service to be used, and without commission cost to the user. Unfortunately, that is not to say that some mobile Payforit casinos will not choose to charge a small fee if Payforit is used as a payment method, so be sure to check our list of Payforit casinos above that don't apply unnecessary charges when you deposit with Payforit.
What countries allow Payforit Gambling Transactions?
The Payforit service is currently limited to use on UK mobile networks, and as a result, it will only be accessible by those who have a phone in their name in the country. The Payforit service will be available to users whilst abroad, it is recommended you ensure that your network doesn't charge excess roaming fees for using the service out of the country, and of course be sure that you meet local requirements for legal gambling on the country.
What Casinos using Payforit Depositing?
Many mobile casino sites will offer Payforit as a valid payment method of depositing funds. Our team has done great research and found some trusted and licensed online casinos that accept Payforit like Mr. Slot, Mr. Mobi, Sin Spins and others. So now, you can enjoy and gamble safe
Where Can I use Payforit?
There are more and more online services that accept this payment method. Nowadays, you can use proceed Payforit transactions on following websites: Spotify, Microsoft, Google Play, Facebook and UK online casinos listed above.