Everything you ever wanted to know about 3 reel slots: the history, origins, rules, and evolution. In the era of sophisticated technologies, there is still the place for some classics. Even though there are dozens of casino software providers who make thousands of video slots, many people still prefer playing classic 3 reel slot machines with simple graphics and features. And there is a reason for it because “classic” never meant “bad”.

The History Of 3 Reel Slot Games

3 reel slots were actually the first UK online slots that appeared in bars a long time ago. We can’t even count how many times they got banned but it never changed the love of the players to these one-arm bandits that turned the whole gambling world upside down. Since then, classic slots moved to the land-based casinos and then to the online casinos, but basically, they still look like they did in the 20th century.

As classic slots only have 3 reels, you can’t fit all the amazing features there. Most of the free slot machine games with 3 reels only have basic wild and scatter symbols that still keep the games quite lucrative. Some of the modern 3-reel online games can have bonus rounds and advanced features but it’s rather an exception than the rule. This kind of games is often called “fruit machines” since the first 3-reel slot games usually had fruits as the game symbols and many of them still do. While companies are releasing new Egypt-themed or horror-themed slots, many people like playing fruit machines as they remind of the festive Vegas atmosphere with all that lines to the classic slots and the sounds of coins and laughter.

Greatest Collection Of 3 Reel Slot Games Online

The advantages of 3 reel classic slots are unquestionable. They are easy to play and you don’t need to understand the advanced features and complicated payout schemes so this is the perfect option for the newbies. You can also play 3 reel slots for free when you got tired of bright and detailed graphics of video slots and just want to spin the reels without thinking. As for the cons, 3-reel games don’t offer as many winning combinations as the 5-reel slots do and they can quickly become boring if you are an experienced gambler.

There is hardly a single casino soft provider that doesn’t have at least one classic 3-reel slot machine in its collection. Among the popular classic slots, you will find the Magic Love (NetEnt), the Double Diamond (IGT), the Hot Chance (Novomatic), the Cash Splash (Novomatic). By the way, Novomatic is the company that started from making the 3-reel slots only but even they are replacing many of their games with the newest, 5-reel ones.

You can play these and other free 3 reel slots online right from this page. The companies don’t release classic slots too often but when they do, we add the newest releases to our page to always keep the classics-lovers updated with the freshest games. You can try playing for fun before you switch to the real money casino and win your first jackpot in 3-reel casino slots.

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