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The sharp increase in popularity of mobile casino games played on smartphones has led to an increase in methods by which you can deposit funds to gamble with. Boku casino deposit is a favourite of mobile casino players, as it allows for a quick, simple and secure method of depositing to your account via your mobile phone providers network, without the need to setup online e-wallet accounts to deposit, or even without the need to have a bank account in the first place.

You can deposit up to £30 daily in small amounts of your choice with just a few button clicks, in a totally secure procedure only accessible via your personal mobile. Continue reading below to find out how pay by Boku casinos' functions work via a step-by-step guide and the reasons that you should or should not choose Boku as your preferred payment method for online mobile casino games.

List of Best Boku Casinos UK in 2018

An Overview of the Boku as Casino Payment Method

Boku is fast becoming one of the most common and favoured methods of depositing funds on the mobile market. It does not require the download of an app or even to create an account on Boku’s website, you simply need your mobile. As a result, it is one of the most simple deposit methods available for online mobile casinos.

It is utilised to great effect by these establishments, as all that is required to make a payment is a registered UK mobile handset with any of the applicable networks (Three, O2, EE, Vodafone and many others), whether under a monthly contract or pay as you go system. Due to the fact that payments are linked directly to your mobile phone, it is extremely simple to utilise on your device, and most mobile casinos should accept Boku as a payment method at no extra charge to any other deposit method.

Most online Boku casinos will limit users to around £30 per day in deposits, so generally, it is a deposit method used by the more casual players. As a result, it may be used as a fall back option for high rollers who wish to supplement their deposits rather than wholly rely on the system. To deposit, charges are either added to your monthly contract equal to your deposit or taken away from your remaining mobile credit (depending on the payment model your phone operates under). Please find our step by step guide below on how to use Boku to deposit on your favourite mobile casino UK.

How to Make a Casino Deposit with Boku

The process of depositing with Boku is straightforward. Here is a short step by step guide to demonstrate how to use the service in mobile Boku casinos:

  1. Choose your casino – If you intend to gamble with deposits made by Boku, you must first find a casino that accepts it as an eligible payment method. Check our suggestion list above to find a Boku casino that suits you;
  2. Select your deposit method and amount – ​Once you have chosen an online casino to play on, you should then select Boku as your payment method. Once you have done this, choose how much you wish to deposit (it will usually give you a choice of round deposit figures, such as £5 or £10). Once you have chosen your stakes, hit confirm and wait for your confirmation text;
  3. Reply to the confirmation text – ​Boku should send a text to your mobile number once you have confirmed payment to your chosen online Boku casino. Follow the instructions provided in this text message in order to authorise the payment. This ensures that you are indeed making a payment to a legitimate site rather than one which aims to take your deposit or more from you in a malicious manner;
  4. Game time – ​You should now have your deposit in your account on the Boku mobile casino, to be used on your choice of slot or game. Remember that Boku limits deposits to £30 per day, so depending on your deposit amounts you will only be able to use the service a few times per day. To ensure you get your money's worth out of your deposit, try to deposit to one of the sites above that give deposit bonuses when you pay with Boku.

Advantages of Mobile Casino Boku Deposits

Boku is a highly effective method of depositing to casino sites that accept it as a payment form. This is due to many great features of the service, such as:

  • Its Simplicity – ​ Because Boku initiates a billing process through your mobile phone number, you never need to worry about entering credit card numbers, or even creating account logins and passwords. You simply have to authorize the payments, and you are done. This is easy for those with mobile phone contracts, or those with pay-as-you-go plans.
    If you are a contracted customer, the charges will be simply added to your monthly phone bill to be paid alongside your contract. If you are a pay-as-you-go customer, credit will be deducted from your account upon completion of payment to the online Boku casino.
  • Its Security and handling of personal details – ​Boku is regulated by three major professional regulatory bodies, and as a result, its business is highly efficient, secure and fully legally verified. These bodies – Ofcom, AIME and PhonepayPlus – who all play a major role in the mobile casino industry, all ensure that your deposits are handled with great care and service.
    Furthermore, ​All Boku payments are initiated and confirmed by your mobile, with no personal details provided. As a result, there is no worry that your details may be lost to a malicious group, no worry that your payment method to an illegitimate casino site may be exploited, and no chance of any unauthorised payments being made on your behalf (unless of course, someone gains access to your mobile phone). Therefore, Boku is one of the most safe deposit methods on the market;
  • It ensures that you don't commit too much money to casino sites – ​Daily deposit limits of £30 to most Boku casino sites mean that your total expenditure will always be capped to a certain amount daily, and this can be helpful to players who may be prone to ‘impulse betting’ often more than they can afford and leave them in difficult situations if they lose. The daily limit allows players to pace themselves when playing online Boku casinos to ensure they are only gambling with an amount that most players can comfortably afford to lose.

Disadvantages of Mobile Casino Boku Deposits

  • It can make paying for your phone seem more complicated – ​Whilst in essence payment is similar for both methods, it is important to remember if you are a pay-as-you-go customer, you can only deposit an amount up to your remaining phone balance. Likewise, if you are a contract customer, it is important to remember that your phone bill will have extra charges at the end of the month to account for the deposits you made, so your monthly phone payments will vary;
  • It limits the amount you can deposit in certain time periods – ​Whilst it was stated that a limit to deposit amounts was an advantage due to the fact you would not be able to ‘impulse bet’ an amount you could not afford, the deposit limit is also a primary drawback feature of Boku.
    Most Boku casinos will limit the daily deposit amount to around £30 per day, and as a result, many trusted online casinos (for high rollers) choose to avoid the deposit method. However, if you plan on only depositing small amounts to the online Boku casinos per day then this is of no consequence to you.
  • You cannot withdraw winnings through the service – ​Due to the nature by which you deposit stakes with Boku, you are unable to retrieve your winnings with the service. As Boku deposits with payments from your mobile bill, it has no way to repay your winnings with the same method (as it does not have the authority to edit your phone bill/credit). Therefore, if you plan on collecting your winnings from the Boku casinos you must have a secondary payment method available as a withdrawal method. Most commonly, this will be an e-wallet service such as PayPal, or a direct bank transfer from the deposit by Boku casino.
  • Not all online casino sites accept Boku as a payment method – ​Whilst Boku may be one of the most popular mobile deposit methods for pay by mobile casino, not all accept Boku deposits. Of the mobile Boku casinos that do in fact accept it, some may choose to charge a commission fee of around 10%.
    Therefore, you may be forced to either change which site you play mobile casino games on if you wish to deposit via Boku or live with the consequences of losing a small amount of your deposit to a commission fee.

Boku Casino FAQs

Is it safe to deposit money via Boku?
Boku is an entirely risk-free method of depositing money to online casinos or purchasing online goods. As long as you are depositing to a legitimate pay by Boku casino, like those listed above, it is completely without risk. Because Boku relies on various mobile networks (that are highly regulated) to make payments, independent bodies such as Ofcom monitor the method to ensure it remains safe to use.
Can I withdraw winnings via Boku?
Boku gambling sites are unable to provide withdrawal services to customers who win due to how their funds were deposited in the first place. Unlike with other services, such as e-wallets like PayPal or debit/credit cards, you aren’t technically transferring money to the online Boku casino, but rather adding a bill to your mobile contract.
As such, there is no way for Boku to reverse this process and ‘take money’ off your phone bill. However, all pay by Boku online casinos will allow other methods for winnings to be withdrawn, such as bank transfers or e-wallet services.
Are There any Commission Fees?
The Boku service itself is completely free and without commision cost to the user. However, some mobile Boku casinos choose to charge a small fee (usually around 5-15%) if Boku is used as a payment method, so be sure to check with the online Boku casino you choose before you deposit to avoid any unnecessary fees.
Who can use Boku for Casino payments?
To be eligible for Boku deposits, you must have a registered phone contract or SIM with one of the major UK mobile provider’s (you can check your provider's eligibility on their respective websites).
Boku requires you to be 18 years of age to use its service to deposit, (or 13 with parental guidance – although age requirements for online gambling prevent under 18s from being able to deposit and play), but it is important to be aware that you must also be of national gambling age to use these websites in the first place (18-21 depending on the country you intend to gamble in)
What Casinos Accepting Boku Deposits?
As we have already said, there is only 10% of UK online casinos that accept Boku deposits. Our team made deep research to find an extensive list of Boku casino sites as Winner Casino, Slots Heaven, Casino Cruise, Monster Casino, and others. These gambling sites are not only places that accept Boku, but safe and popular ones among British gamblers.