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pay by phone casino uk

It is no secret that virtual, or online, gambling has seen a sharp rise of popularity since the turn of the century, and with increased interest comes innovation. The shift to mobile gambling was very prevalent with the release of smartphones, and now some of the best games the market has to offer are found on handheld devices.

Luckily for the consumer, methods of depositing funds to the mobile deposit casinos have also evolved, and they can be as simply achieved as sending a text message to a friend. Whether utilising SMS messages of landline phone calls, depositing funds to pay by phone casinos has never been easier.

In this guide, some of the key payment methods will be discussed so you can choose which method is correct for you so that your experience can be an enjoyable and simple as possible. As always, only the fastest, simplest and most secure methods have been considered, so despite which method you pick to use, any of these suggestions would be safe and advisable to use.

Best Pay by Phone Bill Casinos in 2018

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Mobile Deposit Casino: Gambling Games for any Taste

Pay by phone casino games are amongst the most popular and enjoyed casino games available on today's market. They offer the flexibility to pay and play wherever and whenever you want and come in many different forms (from pay by mobile casino games to pay by phone slots).

These games are very accessible, as they accept numerous methods for depositing your cash and stakes that you’ll be using to play, ranging from SMS to mobile apps, and from landline phones to mobile networks.

Some of these methods involve using third-party companies to handle transactions (at no extra cost to you) simply by signing up with your mobile number, whilst others may require the download of an App to your smartphone to provide secure transfers of payments to the pay by mobile phone casinos.

Whichever payment method you choose for these phone deposit casinos, you can sleep easy knowing that all registered companies work with only the simplest, safest and most secure methods of depositing funds. Be sure to check out some of our suggestions above to ensure your mobile deposit casino experience is both safe and enjoyable.

It is important to remember that different websites may offer you bonuses to your deposit if you choose a specific payment method, so be sure to shop around to ensure you are getting the right deal for you before you commit to a website or indeed a payment method.

Online Slots

Pay by phone slots are very easy and instant games to play in. As mobile casino deposit can be not so high (up to £30), it is still enough to try some new slots on the weekend. Mobile slots with pay by phone bill can be played in best casinos of 2018 that are listed above.

Table Games

Mobile casino games you can pay by phone bill are blackjack, craps, roulette, baccarat but if you want to play on higher stakes than £1 – £5 we definitely recommend to use another mobile deposit method that Boku or Payforit. You can find more choices, reading our next sections below.

Pay by Phone Bill Casino Deposit

A mobile payment is the most common type of pay with phone bill casino experience you will find. As such, it is usually the most simple payment type a user can select. Most pay by mobile casinos accept multiple different types of phone bill payments, so it is up to you to decide which method to approach with.

Not only are these payments fast and secure, but they also often charge no depositing fees. This means you can make the most of your money when playing. On top of that, these payments are extremely fast, so there is no waiting around for your stake to go through before you can play.

Whether you are choosing to pay by mobile phone as you are reluctant to enter your bank details, or simply because you find it easier to do so than with a bank transfer or online wallet transfer system, one of the following services (permitting that your chosen website allows the use of them) are no doubt a great way to get started on your pay by phone bill slots or mobile deposit casino games.

Some UK mobile providers, including Vodafone, Virgin, Three, EE (Orange legacy customers), and O2 allow for deposits to be made to mobile casinos in the form of charges on your phone bill. This is achieved through programmes such as the aforementioned PayForIt and PayViaPhone programmes, which are very simple but effective payment methods to use.

You simply enter your phone number to compatible deposit by phone casinos, and a charge is added to your phone bill of equal cost to your deposit. It’s that simple. All that is required is for
you to pay the extra amount to your phone provider at the end of the month manually (as this will not be included in direct debit payments for your phone contract!), therefore it is highly advised to keep track of how much you deposit as to not fall behind on your phone payments.

A great benefit of this is that there is no deposit fee up to £30, which means you are not losing out on money from other payment methods which may charge a royalty to be used. For more info, and to check if you are eligible for payments such as these, it is always best to get in touch with your phone provider to ensure you can transfer deposits in this way.

Here are a few suggestions when considering how you can pay by mobile payments on accredited pay by mobile casino websites:

  • SMS mobile payments are arguably the simplest, or most pure, types of payments offered by phone deposit casinos. They work in this situation in much the same as a charity might rally for donations, or a TV show may allow you to vote for a contestant. Your chosen pay by mobile phone casino will receive payment from your mobile phone operating network after you send an SMS to the provided number.
    This deposit is then added to your monthly phone bill to be paid off in conjunction with your phone contract. This is a straightforward payment method to utilise, as you don't need to provide your bank details to the deposit by phone casino or the phone company – as it will use the same payment method you already have linked. It is also a very secure way to pay, as you provide no personal details to your chosen website.
  • Boku is a mobile payment processing company that is utilised for online games and applications. It is particularly used by mobile deposit casinos, due to its functionality in the sense that it can be used by anyone with a working UK handheld mobile device, whether on a fixed contract of a pay-as-you-go deal.
    If you are on a mobile contract, the system work in a similar way to SMS payments, however on a pay-as-you-go phone, payments will be deducted from your remaining balance. Unlike many SMS payments, however, Boku has a limit to how much money you can transfer (150 euros in one transaction and 2500 euros over a calendar year.
    Also, certain mobile deposit casinos and/or mobile operators may limit the amount of money you can deposit to Boku casinos in accordance with their terms of service.)
    Boku also has a handy failsafe feature, in that if you reply ‘STOP’ or ‘CANCEL’ to one of your payments (for example if you entered the incorrect amount) in a reasonable time, your payment will be canceled no questions answered.
  • PayForIt. Just as with Boku and SMS payments, casinos using Payforit depositing enable users to place deposits onto these mobile casino services with their phone bill. You simply access the PayForIt payment service on your mobile via their website (or a redirection from another website).
    If you are already connected via 3g/4g, the website can read your mobile number, and no information input is required. However, if you connect via WiFi, you will be required to enter your phone number. All that is required from you after this is to go through a couple of confirmation screen, and your payment to the phone deposit casino will be completed.
    Some UK carriers (such as Three) encourage the use of this payment method and have somewhat integrated support for the method of their services.
  • Trustly. Unlike the previous method or mobile payment, Trustly requires a link to your bank account to provide deposits to the online mobile casino slots. Once you have requested a payment, a one-time verification code will be sent to your mobile. Then, you enter this code, the transfer from your account into your mobile slot wallet will be completed.
    This service is especially useful for those who may work/travel a lot around Europe, as it is licensed in 29 European nations as a secure way to pay. As an added bonus, the process also works in the reverse order, and Trustly can also return your winnings directly back to your bank account if you choose to withdraw your funds from the mobile deposit casino.
  • Zimpler utilises your mobile phone to make quick and simple payments to mobile deposit casinos. You simply enter your mobile phone number to their service and then can choose whether to pay by card or bill. Your payment will then be verified by the use of a
    verification key sent to you.

    The main attraction of Zimpler is that it is fully integrated into many mobile casino games already – with many more to come in the future. This allows you to manage your account from inside the casino website and access some useful features, such as
    the ability to limit your deposit to certain websites if you are looking to either limit your deposits over time or prevent yourself from overspending on the online games.
    Many of the Zimpler integrated websites made our list of mobile deposit casinos above, so why not check out its functionality yourself. (The specific sites are marked with a Zimpler logo).

Landline Casino Deposit

Did you know you can deposit to many of the most popular pay by phone casinos with your home landline? It is a very simple process that has been adapted by many of the most popular online casinos. It works in much the same way as the other mobile deposit methods, in the sense that all your deposits are charged onto your landline bill at the end of the month.

Unfortunately, the service in only currently widely used by BT, so any customers of other UK networks will struggle to / not be able to utilise this method. For those with a BT landline, simply select the option on the mobile payment slot or casino website to Deposit via your BT bill, and follow the very simple process described – in essence you will have to enter your number and follow the instructions of a recorded message/bot until payment is complete.

The sheer simplicity of landline payments are the key reason to partake in them. Every house has a landline phone, so in essence if you are in a house with a BT landline you are good to go. No special payment accounts need to be created as it will simply be charged to the account linked to the phone number, and no extra details need to be added.

However, as the service is limited to adding payments to a bill, you are unable to withdraw any funds via a landline payment method. Therefore, if you plan on winning, you will have to be ready to enter another deposit/withdrawal method to the website if you want to see your winnings!

Mobile Apps Casino Deposit

Many pay by mobile casinos have chosen to make the most of the smartphone market and integrate frequently used mobile payment apps into their websites. So if you are a frequent user of either Apple Pay or Google Pay, this method may be correct for you. How you pay depends on which product you use, and whilst you will initially have to link a bank account to both of these services when you first sign up, repeat payments are extremely simple on both.

Being created by Apple and Google respectively, both are extremely secure methods of paying too – with millions spend on research and development in order to keep your information secure and encrypted.

In most cases, to use these apps on a mobile pay online casino website, you would sign in with either your Apple ID or any Google Pay compatible email address (Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc.), then confirm a payment. It’s that simple.

However, pay limits are imposed on these methods similar to the limits on “contactless” payments in the UK (£30 per order), and hence multiple payments will be needed if you wish to deposit greater amounts. In more detail:

  • Apple Pay. This is pretty much as cutting edge and simple as online casino deposits can get. Assuming your Apple smart device is linked with a valid payment method (a debit card for example), it simply required you to use Touch id or enter your 4/6 digit passcode to activate payment.

    This shows a clear advantage in one sense over other mobile payments, as funds are taken directly from your account rather than added to a bill, making it easier to keep track of your expenditure, not to mention the simplicity of merely scanning your fingerprint to safely add another deposit of funds. It should be noted that because of the relatively new technology it is not present on all sites, but casinos online such as Bet365 have full integrated functions with Apple Pay.
  • Google Pay. It is the main non-Apple integrated alternative in Android smartphones. All it requires is a valid Google account linked to a payment source (whether that be a bank account, a credit card or PayPal) in order to complete transactions. Some pay by phone bill casino websites allow Google Pay to be linked to an account, and as such, you can add up to £30 each deposit simply by verifying a payment through your email account.
    However, repeated payments on Google Pay may be flagged as suspicious if you deposit a large amount to the phone deposit casinos, so it is recommended if you wish to deposit more than £30 it is advisable to pay via a different method which allows for bulk deposits.
  • Pay by Phone Casino FAQs

    Is it safe to deposit my money via phone?
    Yes, definitely – Assuming that you are making payments to a legitimate registered online casino, then your deposits are just as safe no matter how you make them, be it either through your mobile or on the internet.
    How do i deposit money via phone?
    That depends on the website you are depositing to. Most will give you a step by step guide once you have chosen your payment method, and support lines are available if you cannot make payments. See our list of different mobile payment types here​.
    Can I Withdraw Winnings via Phone?
    Yes and No. If you deposited by landline or via your mobile contract, then you will not be able to withdraw your winnings in the same way. Instead, you will have to provide an e-wallet or bank account to receive winnings. However, if you deposited through an app or service such as PayPal or Apple Pay, then you should be able to withdraw winnings. Always check the online casinos’ Terms and Conditions to ensure you will be able to receive your winnings.
    Are There any Commission Fees?
    As mobile payments come directly out of your bank account or from 3rd party applications such as Apple Pay, you typically would not expect commision fees. However, if commision fees are charged, you will be notified of the transaction and will be able to cancel it before payment is made.
    What are the advantage of pay by phone bill casinos?
    A pay by phone casinos greatest advantage is the ability to add funds to your accounts quickly and simply in numerous methods whilst on the go. They also provide many games optimized for mobile gameplay as opposed to Tablet/PC gameplay and are usually the best places to experience casino games on the move. See our recommended list of pay by phone casinos here.
    What are Transaction Limits?
    A few mobile payment methods have zero transaction limits in place. Commonly, mobile transactions are capped at £30 per deposit, to prevent any fraudulent activity with payment methods. Some payment methods, such as Zimpler, even allow you to set transaction limits yourself so that you do not overspend.
    What UK Casinos accept Mobile Deposits?
    See our list of best pay by phone casinos​ UK above to find a suitable casino for you.