Casino payout percentages are a major reason why players will choose one casino over another. The best online casino payouts all revolve around RTP and percentages. If you plan to compare casinos, you’ll need to have percentages explained and understand the base RTP meaning and what it means for your payout.

What is RTP?

What does RTP stand for? The term is used in casinos and is short for “Return To Player.” When you see this term, it is used to describe the payout that the player receives if they win the game.

RTP is seen in percentage form, and while there are short-term RTPs with high payouts, casinos will run on long-term RTP. Most games will offer a 95% to 97% RTP.

An RTP player would look for the best payouts and is also RTP gambling – choosing the casino and games with the highest payouts.

How is RTP Calculated?

Since RTP is simple to understand (it’s how much a player can expect to win based on averages), a lot of people ignore how the calculation actually works. Let’s assume that there’s a 97% RTP. The casino would payout £97 for every £100 wagered.

In this case, players are kept at the tables or playing the games because they’re continually winning. Of course, the best RTP slots can have significantly high payouts for a lucky winner.

Since there are some people who play at the casino and win on their first hand, it can skew the percentages greatly. Calculating the RTP is done over the long-term so that players have a good understanding of what the true RTP is.

The casino may calculate slots RTP over the course of 100,000 games before advertising the RTP. Long-term RTP provides a higher accuracy and will help you understand what the true RTP of the game is.

There’s also an issue with RTP and certain games.

Roulette RTP

A roulette RTP is a prime example of how the RTP for a game can be misleading. When playing roulette, the house has the same edge, but players can win more on even money bets. A single number bet can be a major winner, leading to a 35 to 1 payout.

Massive wins can skew the RTP.

European roulette has an RTP of around 97%, while the American version has a 94% RTP.

Slot RTP

Slots are one of the games where there can be multiple small wins for players. These wins aren’t much, so the RTP can be “high,” although these are small wins. The best payout slots or high RTP slots average 93% to 99% RTP.

Player Strategies Impact the RTP of Some Games

Some players learn how to win in casino environments by following a strict playstyle or strategy. These individuals can impact the RTP because they play a very conservative game where they greatly reduce their risk of losing.

The average player that doesn’t use these strategies is likely to have a lower RTP.

Both player types are working against the RTP average, leading to a very uneven RTP that can change based on the player’s experience level.

Online Casinos and RTP

A casino must calculate their return to player because they need to make money. If too much money is returned to players, the game may need to be disabled online. The best online casinos want to know their profit margins, and RTP is the way that they determine these margins.

The UK Gaming Commission requires all online casinos to:

House edges, for example, are easier to determine on roulette since there are:

Players also have to consider the variance of RTP. Since the return is determined over thousands and thousands of games, you may have an RTP of 80% and the next person 99%. Variance is what a lot of people consider “luck.” A player can walk up to the highest RTP slot and win.

Another player can lose £1,000 and never hit a jackpot. It is the random chance of winning that fuels the industry and makes playing worth it for players. You’ll want to manage your bankroll and know when you can and cannot keep playing.

In the United Kingdom, there isn’t a minimum RTP requirement that some other countries have. Instead, casinos in the UK are required to post their RTP percentage. Live and online casinos must post this information.

For most online casinos, the RTP can be found either in the game’s instructions or in the help section for the game. House rules can change the RTP.

Payouts will vary, but common RTP percentages for online games are:

Different slot machines and games can have a drastically different RTP. It’s important to check each slot RTP before playing if you’re trying to play by RTP.

Does RTP Matter?

Yes and no. If there’s a high RTP, it’s not going to increase your chances of a big win. Since these figures are based over a large number of games, you may lose 20 in a row whilst someone else wins 20 in a row.

But by knowing the RTP, you’re choosing to play at a casino that is being transparent and is trustworthy. Theoretically, if the RTP is 99%, you have less of a risk of losing all of your bankroll. Playstyle and luck can be a major variable, leading you to have a higher or lower chance to win.

Chance, thanks to random number generators, will always play a factor in whether or not you win at a casino. Every time you decide to play a slot game online, these random numbers are generated, giving you the same chance of winning as someone else.

Payout percentages are a tool you can use to reduce your risk of losing to the house. If you play games with a high RTP, you have a higher chance of being able to play longer and may even have a higher chance of winning. Variance will always play a factor in whether or not you win.

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