casino random number generator featuredGamers across the world have come across RNG based games, whether it be in a casino or playing an MMORPG. Random number generator software can also be seen in many different software applications.

What Does RNG Stand for in Gaming?

RNG is short for random number generator. Imagine playing a video poker game where the cards are dealt at random. In the casino, the dealer will shuffle the cards and effectively make every card dealt random.

On a computer or machine, the coding for “shuffling” has to be done to be 100% random.

What Is RNG In Gaming?

In the gaming world, specifically the casino world, random number gaming is truly all around us. If you’re playing any electronic game, the dice thrown or the slot wheel on the screen will use some form of RNG.

Is RNG really random? Absolutely.

A strong algorithm, that is programmed properly, will ensure that the randomness of the generator is truly random. There may be tests done internally and from third-party verification services that will run thousands of tests to make sure that games are truly random.

If 5,200 tests were run, and each deck of cards has 52 cards, we can theorize that each card in the deck may be chosen, at random, 100 times each. Of course, some cards may be chosen randomly 90 times and others 110 times.

There should never be a card that’s chosen 700 times out of 5,200 tests because then there’s something wrong in the RNG games’ algorithm.

How Does RNG Work on a Development Level?

RNG in gaming

Many programming languages have randomize functions, but if they’re not used properly, true randomization will not be achieved. Casinos use pseudorandom number generation. What this type of randomization offers is a long random string that uses a fixed number, or seed, to determine it.

The seed is manipulated in casino gambling based on the return to player (RTP) rates.

Thanks to the computing power of today, it’s possible to create highly accurate RNG. Casinos can operate, without an unfair advantage, using complex RNG.

What is an RNG Game in an Online Casino?

Typically, all online games will have some RNG based algorithms built into them. Slot machines were the first casino games that really required random number generators to run. Multiple paylines created the need for a new, robust way to generate numbers.

The fun, varied slot games of today wouldn’t be possible without a computerized algorithm running in the background.

But slots aren’t the only time you’ll see RNG gaming in action in an online casino. All online game variations use some level of RNG, including:

Independent regulators will be in charge of verifying the randomness in games. Licensed casinos must provide access to games and allow full tests to be completed to receive their operating license.

How to Win Random Number Generator Games

Statisticians and mathematicians have an opportunity to sit down and learn how an algorithms random generator works. There are flaws in any electronic RNG because hackers can potentially crack an algorithm and develop a program to know what cards are going to be dealt.

Let’s assume for a minute that the randomization seed was based on time, down to the second.

If time is used, and it definitely shouldn’t be for true randomization, the algorithm can be cracked, and a person can win a lot of money in the process. Casinos do not use weak seeds like time to generate numbers – or they will lose their license.

While in theory someone can reverse engineer and algorithm to essentially cheat the casino, it’s very, very difficult. Due to the strict regulations and scrutiny that casinos have to be under, it’s highly unlikely that a hackable RNG will be found at a licensed casino.

It can happen, but it’s unlikely.

One person did perform this hack in 2008, and he was sent to prison. Another person named Alex from Russia has built an entire business on these odds. Alex reverse engineers PRNG, built an app to alert his team when slots are most likely to be in favour of the player, and earns $250,000 per week in the process.

His team operates on physical games, and since a lot are older, the algorithm is well-known and harder to correct.

For the regular person, the only way to win is to play and hope that the fate of RNG is on your side.

Can’t Casinos Simply Rig a Game?

Yes, they can. When you’re playing any game online, it can be manipulated by the developer to be in their favour. While a casino “can” force players to lose every game, it’s not in their best interest.

Players will only continue playing if they have a chance to win.

Otherwise, if no one is winning, no one will continue playing at the casino. Strict regulations go into licensing, and you should only be playing at a casino that is licensed. It’s up to you to do your due diligence to ensure you’re playing at a legitimate casino that undergoes scrutiny by regulators.

The regulators in a country are responsible for ensuring that games are fair and not in favour of just the player or the casino. Thorough testing is advantageous to the casino, too, because a faulty algorithm could lead to the casino losing a significant amount of money.

RNG and PRNG are both designed to make playing at a casino fair.

While the algorithms can be flawed, there is a lot of testing done to ensure that each casino is using a form of random number generation that is fair, honest and effective. Licensed operators must operate in an ethical fashion to ensure that they’re not shut down by the government.

Any casino that is found to be using a form of PRNG that is clearly in their favour will be punished to the highest degree.

In an industry where reputation is everything, no legitimate casino will ever risk their reputation on a game that gives the house such an uneven advantage that there’s no chance of winning.

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