Celebrating a birthday, holiday or other important milestone? Gamble gifts are a great choice for the avid gambler in your life.

From scratch cards to good-luck charms and casino-themed accessories, we have a little something for everyone on our gambling gift list.

With so many casino themed gifts to choose from, it may be hard to find the perfect one for your friend or loved one. We’ve rounded up ten of the best gift ideas for the avid gambler in your life.

1. Gifts for a Gambler: Scratch Cards

What respectable gambler doesn’t love a good scratch card? Gift your friend or loved one scratch cards for a thoughtful gift that may have a big payoff.

If you know which scratch card games the recipient enjoys, you can gift a bundle of them. But any scratch card game should do if the person is a true gambler.

You can also find personalised scratch cards that won’t win them any money, but they can scratch off the silver ink to view a custom message from you. Although not as exciting as a scratch card, it’s a thoughtful gift that the person is sure to appreciate.

2. Gambling Themed Gifts: Cufflinks and Accessories

For loved ones who love to get dressed up for a night at the casino, a pair of casino themed cufflinks is a wonderful idea. From slot machines to roulette wheels and playing cards, there are plenty of cufflink designs that will delight the gambler in your life.

You can also find other gambling themed accessories, like neckties, face masks and t-shirts. These accessories are perfect for a night at the casino, or just as a way for your loved one to show off his or her love for gambling.

3. Thoughtful Gambling Gifts: High-End Playing Cards

For the gambler who loves hosting poker or card night, a set of high-end playing cards is an excellent gift idea. You can’t put a price on good playing cards. They really do make a difference when playing any card game.

Cheap playing cards can tear, bend and break, which can ruin the flow of the game. High-quality cards will withstand the test of time, providing your loved one with many years of use.

This is one of the few presents for gamblers that they’ll genuinely use – and often.

4. Gifts for Casino Lovers: A Vegas-Themed Watch

For gamblers who love watches, a Vegas-themed watch is a match made in heaven. Any casino-themed watch will do. Some have faces that look like roulette wheels. Others have card suits for each number on the dial.

If you’re worried about quality, don’t be. There are many beautiful casino themed time pieces that any watch lover would be proud to wear.

Some luxury watches allow you to play table games right there on your watch face. Talk about gambling on-the-go. If budget is a concern, look for second-hand pieces that have more affordable prices.

5. The Ultimate Gambling Gift: A Trip to a Casino

One of the best gambling gift ideas is a future trip to a casino. In many cases, you can book casino trips a year or two in advance, and you can also find great package deals at some of the best casinos in the world.

You can also find casino cruises, or you can simply provide your loved one with a generous gift card to spend on the casino floor at their favourite establishment. You don’t necessarily have to go far to enjoy a night of gambling. Sure, Las Vegas is a dream for some gamblers, but there are plenty of great casinos in London as well as other European cities.

6. Gifts for a Gambler: A Personalised Casino Themed Mug

For the gambler who can’t live without a cup of tea (or coffee), a personalised casino themed mug is the perfect gift. Choose from a variety of styles and designs, including card faces, casino chips or your loved one’s favourite casino.

It’s an especially thoughtful gift for players who love to sip their tea or coffee while playing online slots and poker.

7. Gifts for Slot Machine Lovers: A Slot Coin Bank

One of the best gifts for slot machine players (besides an actual slot machine) is a slot coin bank. Drop in a coin, pull the lever, and see if you’re a lucky winner. It’s a fun way to encourage saving while getting your gambling fix.

If your loved one loves a good round of slots, then they’ll love having a slot coin bank to play with.

8. Gifts for Gamblers: A Good Luck Charm

Every gambler needs a lucky charm, whether it’s a four-leaf clover keychain, an acorn, a black cat or something personal that your loved one considers “lucky.” This gift idea is a thoughtful way to wish your loved one good luck when hitting the casino floor.

You can find a wide range of lucky charm gifts in all price ranges.

9. Gift for Casino Lover: Personalised Poker Chips

Personalised casino gift ideas are always a great choice for gamblers. If your loved one is a big poker fan, custom poker chips are a wonderful gift idea, and they’re sure to get plenty of use.

10. Art Casino Gifts: ‘Dogs Playing Poker’ Print

If your loved one is an art collector (or just needs a little something to spruce up their walls), the classic “Dogs Playing Poker” picture by Cassius Marcellus is a wonderful gift idea.

The famous image features a group of dogs gathered around a table playing an intense game of poker. You can find variations of this painting from other artists as well, but nothing beats the classic piece from Marcellus.

Invest in a high-quality print and a good frame, so the recipient will be proud to hang it on the wall.

These gambling gift ideas are sure to delight your friend or loved one. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, holiday, life milestone or just because, you’re sure to find something on this list that will put a smile on the recipient’s face.

Harry Burth

Harry is a long-time member of our team and has been working with CasinoHEX UK for a number of years.